Why and how HE is different from others ?

He left his home in a small Indian village named CHANSAD, even before he could complete school matriculation and became SADHU (monk) in response to the call from his Guru Shashtriji Maharaj. To-day, highly educated youths including graduates from Oxford and Harvard Universities have joined his saffron clad brigade of about 900 Sadhus to learn something not taught anywhere else in the world i.e. ‘Brahm-Vidhya’

He neither has any bank account nor touches currency notes as per the principle and vows of his religious belief. But he has given the world grand Akshar-Purshottam Mandirs (temples) in India as well as abroad in US, Canada, Europe and Africa & two Akshar Dham Complexes (one more is under construction at Robinsville — New Jersey/America), all built under HIS inspiration, leadership and guidance.

Never married, yet HE has replied hundreds of thousands of letters from his followers, seeking his advise on various issues, including family matters, disputes between husband/wife, father/son, 2brothers, business partners and managed to resolve successfully to satisfaction of both the parties. Just by one glance or his tender touch, he has relieved many hard-core addicts and made them addiction-free for rest of their lives.

Core question is what is the secret of his grand success ?

Answer is, one word — ‘Brahmswarup’, prefix applied to his name. Its a Vedic (ancient Hindu scriptures) term, not easy to understand even for scholars of the Sanskrit language. There is no equivalent English word to it.

So another question arises — then what is the ‘Brahmswarup’ and how to understand this ancient Vedic term ?

For answers please visit my blog — https://seekersworldblog.wordpress.com/ or wait for my further posts on this blog

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