Message Center on myBucknell

There is a new feature that was just added after myBucknell 3.0 was launched. The message center on myBucknell is just like a place for students to get information about course news, campus activities, losts & founds, and personal classifieds, etc.. It has always been a very informative section to keep everyone on campus up to date. The message center is already a plus for myBucknell.

The message center on myBucknell 2.0 only shows the topic of each message. The only way for users to see the content is to click on the topic and another panel will show up with all the contents. Although it does not take much time to load another page, some users still choose too lazy to even open up the page. As a result, a student might miss an activity that he/she was very interested in or another student might miss a very good deal he/she can find on campus. Now, fortunately, we don’t have to open another page to know the contents of a message with myBucknell 3.0. When your mouse hover over a topic, you will see a part of the message’s content. It’s that simple and easy.

Nice little circles

Another thumb up is the Graphical User Interface is so much more elegant than before. I still remembered the message center used to be a big tree of all the messages under different categories. Although every topic was lay out in a very clear way, the design was really lack of art. Now, all the messages are all grouped together in a section. In front of every topic, there is a circle of a certain color to indicate a certain category of the following message. Also, if you don’t know the category a circle is indicating, you can just simply hover over a circle and the category’s name will be shown.

I think the message center has a very beautiful design. It follows the trend of simplicity design.

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