A Light Shines in the Darkness…

This has been a very hard week for us.

On Wednesday morning one of the dearest families to YL University City/Cabarrus Co. saw their 3 and a half year old Noah win his battle with cancer by going to be with Jesus. They prayed, fasted, battled, and invited many in YL and their entire church, The Refuge, to battle with them. Our prayers weren’t answered the way we wanted them to be. We are heartbroken.

On Thursday night one of our leaders in training at UNC Charlotte was killed in a car accident. Austin Rainey was 19, dreamt of starting Young Life in new communities in Charlotte, recruited others to lead, invested himself not only in YL but as the manager of the 49ers basketball team, and loved his family. We are heartbroken

And because we are heartbroken, as individuals and as a community, we are more driven than ever to step into the lives of kids in our area. More bold to ask you to pray for ridiculous things and more bold to risk. Because it matters that people know Jesus. Because it matters that kids have a shot at knowing Him. Because in a corrupt and broken and misfiring world there is one name under heaven by which men can be saved.

And our kids need to know that name.

and the Darkness Has not Overcome It

NW Cabarrus leader Kinley White with high school girls who wanted a smoothie from a juice shop 30 minutes away from their school. 30 minutes in a car each way with kids you love AND the best smoothie in North Charlotte? What YL Leader could say no to that?

Prayer Needs

A Fresh Wind

Ministry in February can tend to feel like trudging through the mud. The prayer of our staff is “Lord please cause a wind to rush through our leadership, campaigners groups, contact work, everything we do. A new power and energy to see kids come to know you, to see doors open up for new relationships, new faces at club, new sign-ups for YL camp, radical camp scholarships to open doors.” Please pray this with us.

Club Victories

Since beginning the prayer for fresh wind this week we have seen club numbers in the area double at some of our most developed ministries. Please pray for more. Pray for God sized victories at Concord, AL Brown, Vance, Cannon, Northwest, and Jay M. Robinson. Pray for kids to meet Jesus at club or campaigners every week. Please pray that any given club night eternity would change.

Men Wanted

As Leadership training comes to it’s finale in new leader placement we have been blessed with more girls than we have spots for right now. We are short on passionate, committed UNC Charlotte men to step into the lives of teenage boys. Please pray that God would strengthen and call this to be a ministry with great young men. Pray for Tyler to be fully convinced, for Kyle to realize that he has time and giftedness, for Matt’s parents to support this, for Milan to jump all in, for Maurice and Vince to feel called off the fence, for Ramel and Elick to re-engage, Brock to choose YL ministry, for Trevor and Andreas to come back into the picture and for God to swamp us with men and to blow us away.