“Do The Work”

When I coached soccer at Riverbend High School the team cheer at every practice and every game was “Do the work!” The message behind it was clear: do what is necessary, do what you’re capable of, do what you can control, don’t leave any doubt about whether you could have done more. Do the work!

In ministry with teenagers there is so little that we can actually control. We can’t make kids change. We can’t make them show up to things. We can’t make them love Jesus or each other. All we can do is pray and then show up in their lives.

One of my heroes, Scott Hamilton, said

“We don’t pray about the work-Prayer is the work!”

I am so very thankful to have a team of folks who read these emails and pray for the needs that are expressed inside. Thank you for doing the work.

Prayer Needs

UNC Charlotte Leadership and FYF at the 2016 Turkey Bowl

Leadership Community

We call our fellowship of leaders “leadership”. We believe that community forms best when wrapped around a mission — this is a wonderful mission and a formidable community. Therefore, Leadership and the relationships that flavor it, is a natural target for Satan. Please pray for protection, for thriving relationships, for growing maturity, and unity for our Leadership and our First Year Fellowship folks.

Fall Weekend Dec. 2–4

With slightly less than 3 weeks to go before our Fall Weekend on Lake Wylie, SC at Camp Thunderbird we have over 200 students signed up from our 12 high schools and are pushing towards 300. This weekend is a beautiful opportunity for students to surrender to Jesus at the end of a semester of Young Life. Please pray for students who don’t know the Lord to be on this trip, pray for over 300 total students to attend, please pray for the Lord to be using these remaining weeks to set kids up to encounter Jesus. Pray for open eyes, open ears, open hearts, and open minds. Pray for a perfect weekend!

New Students and Summer Camps

By this time of year at most of our schools students who were going to “check out Young Life” on their own have come. Many students have decided it’s not for them and walls are up. This happens every year and we tend to see it mostly in who comes to club and how open students are to sign up for summer camp (Dec. 5 is camp sign up day). Please pray for inexplainable relational doors to open within schools across the area. Please pray for breakthroughs and anti-stereotype groups to come to club and sign up for summer camp. Please pray for Ian, Tyler, Khalid, Nagib, Cameron, Josh, and Ryan to sign up for summer camp on Dec. 5.