I have always felt like this part of the year (Jan-mid March) was difficult. It seems like nothing changes in the world. Nature isn’t springing forth yet. Entertainment and Sports are in a lull. Young Life ministry is a bit of a grind.

A couple of years ago I realised that this season of time is like a glacier. It is moving, but you can’t really tell. Erosion is occuring but it’s imperceptible. However, after the glacier passes there are seismic differences in the landscape. In ministry, our faithfulness (or lack thereof) to what we are called to without visible signs of affect are like the glacier changing the earth.

Prayer is so important here and we are so grateful that you lift up these needs, consistently, so that as the glacier passes there are canyons and valleys and mountains in what used to be plains.

Prayer Needs

Laying the Foundation for New Start Ups

Mallard Creek HS, Bradford Prep, Central Cabarrus HS, and Mt. Pleasant HS are all in the midst of having parent interest meetings to gather necessary Parent Support Teams to make new ministries possible. God has provided the leaders, the team leaders, and many open doors in schools. Now all that is needed is for 4 groups of parents at these 4 new schools to stack hands to pray for, provide for, promote, and plan for these ministry teams. Please pray especially for Sunday’s Mallard Creek HS meeting. Pray that Christian parents would be burdened for the lost at their schools and would commit to support ministry for the long haul.

Trainees shadowing

Next week we will have 45 potential new leaders shadowing (the important week in training of following a current leader around through contact work, discipleship, club, and campaigners). The number is mind-blowing at UNC Charlotte and the possibilities of what this means for kids in the metro area is staggering. Please pray for God to convict and convince these trainees, for Him to call them to minister in our schools, and for Him to use this process to mature them. Pray also, for wisdom for our staff as we pray through placing them.

Clubs Restarting

This semester we intentionally held off on re-starting our Young Life clubs so that leaders could have a renewed connection with students at their schools. This week clubs return! Please pray for incredible momentum at our schools, for open schedules, for campaigners to own their clubs, and for new/unbelieving faces to fill our clubs. Pray for contagious joy in our leadership as we get back into this rhythm.

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