Going, Going, Going…

Summer is almost gone and another exciting fall semester of Young Life ministry is rapidly approaching. Before kids board the big yellow buses to head back I want to share one of the amazing stories with you of what God did through this tool of YL that you, so richly, support. (names have been changed)

Kenny’s relationship with his parents was never great and this summer before he headed off to college only made it worse. Things continued to disentigrate and Kenny found himself thrown out of his house a month before needing to report to college. That’s when Ben, a campaigner at Hickory Ridge who knew Kenny called his leader Sean believing that, against all odds and with only a few days left before leaving, that Kenny needed to be on the bus to Carolina Point for a week of camp. Sean met with Kenny to introduce the idea of camp to him — Kenny, reluctantly but at the end of his rope, said he was interested. Ben’s parents, who are YL supporters in Harrisburg got involved and, along with Sean got the ball rolling for Kenny. That same week one of our faithful area donors, who had offered to scholarship a different student to go to camp, decided to double his scholarship gift in case Sean happened to find another student who needed help. The table was set for a reunion feast.

At camp, the Lord was on display in every possible way, and Kenny fell in love with Jesus and committed his life to him. Kenny not only returned home to Jesus but in the weeks after Carolina Point Kenny returned home to his family too. In Sean’s words “it’s been a true prodigal son story”. Today Ben’s parents and some committee members threw a going away party for Kenny as he is leaving for college. As Sean headed out of the office to join the celebration he went with a copy of John Eldredge’s book “Wild at Heart” in which he had written a note to the lost son who returned home.

Prayer Needs

Ending the Fiscal Year

With two months to go in our fiscal year we are in a tough place. After a summer where giving dropped significantly we are projecting a $15,000 shortfall. Please pray for God to provide the means to finish our year in the black with all staff getting full paychecks.

UNC Charlotte New Leader Recuitment

Friday and Saturday begins the moving in and assimilation to college life for the next class of UNC Charlotte students. God has grown our leadership community so much, expanding the reach of ministries through them. These first weeks of school are crucial to make contact with students who might enter our first year training program. Please pray that Young Life would be a lifeline for students to find and thrive in faith in these college years. Please pray that God would provide 40 new leaders to be placed in area ministries this year. Please pray that they would find each other and for lifelong, Christ driven friendships to be formed in the next weeks.

New Year, New Ministry

Fall means meeting as many new students on campuses as possible. Young Life leaders’ dream for kids is that they would know Jesus and follow him with their whole lives for their whole lives. Please pray for great boldness and breakthroughs with new pockets of kids in every school and that these awkward first meetings would lead to a year where God reveals himself to more students in UCity/CabCo than ever before!