Open Doors

I haven’t been following Jesus for my entire life but I have been following Him for long enough to experience that there are some times when it seems like God is completely deaf and absent to my prayers. Times where I wonder where He is and why He just won’t answer. I also have gotten to experience times of breakthrough where it seems like every door to God is open and His goodness is pouring through those doors.

These last two weeks have been one of those times. I have been blown away by how God has opened the door to so many things we have prayed for so long and poured out blessings on our heads. It may seem strange to read one of these emails that lacks urgent prayer requests- as you are so accustomed to praying for open hearts of kids, open doors to schools, new leaders to walk through those open doors, or finances to keep the doors open. However, this is urgent! You all have to know that what you pray for works. That God answers your prayers. That you have played a part in this.

Two weeks ago you prayed as we held our largest banquet ever and raised $150,000 towards our operating budget (twice as much as has ever been raised before and the exact total of our big dream goal). Last week we took 45 UNC Charlotte leaders in training to Carolina Point where they bought in on the mission and we now are looking at the chance to place enough leaders to drastically increase the number of Young Life ministries in our area and Greater Charlotte.

It’s pretty simple. You pray. God hears. He acts. Things happen. Sometimes they seem to happen slowly, sometimes they happen differently than we dream them up, but something always happens. It is impossible for nothing to happen when God’s people pray.

Well done my friends! Thank you for praying so faithfully and powerfully!

Keep reading for more updates, prayers, and praises if you have the time

A leader and student get laughs at Cox Mill YL this week as German Body Builders

Prayer, Praise, and Updates This Week

YoungLives — in large part due to the momentum, financially and in community interest, we are moving forward with hiring Meg Martin as YoungLives Coordinator for University City/Cabarrus County with the hope to spread across Greater Charlotte. Praise God for providing the person to lead, the people to join, the resources to provide for, and the community excitement as Meg pioneers YoungLives at West Charlotte HS in January. Please pray for more!

Mallard Creek HS — We have prayed and asked God for the right leader to start this critical school in our area. After two full years of praying on campus we are moving into hiring Robert Williams, who played football at MCHS and then at UNC Charlotte, as a part time staff person to pioneer the ministry there. He will train by leading at Cox Mill until March. Praise God for Robert and for the resources to begin this. Please pray for the leaders to place in March with him and for committee and parent support teams to come to finish the development. We really need parent support to form around this.

Robert Williams, Mallard Creek Pioneer

Bradford Prep HS — 3+ tables at our banquet convinced us that Bradford Prep, an area charter school, needed Young Life. We have the parent support and community excitement. Please pray for the right leaders to start this school and for a healthy foundation to be laid as we move towards placing leaders in March.

West Charlotte HS- 3+ tables at our banquet confirmed that the time is now to move Tiara Moore to West Charlotte HS to begin YL along with YLS in that tight-knit, proud community. Please pray for more community connections, for leaders to join Tiara, and for students who would be waiting for YL leaders to arrive.

Mt. Pleasant HS- from the banquet, a table full of some key people from Mt. Pleasant are opening the door for Young Life to begin in addition to a graduating YL leader feeling the call to teach and coach at MPHS. Please pray for a growing groundswell of support in this community to bring Young Life in and for Hayden Trull to be accepted to coach the baseball team as well as teach at Mt. Pleasant.

Hickory Ridge leader Coulter Pierce gives his first YL club talk

Central Cabarrus HS — in the SW Cabarrus part of the area we are more convinced than ever that Central needs YL and that the time is now. Please pray for a group of parents and community members to come around Young Life there so we can place leaders in March.

Dec 2–4 Fall Weekend at Lake Wylie — Leaders are now rushing to get 300 students signed up for Fall Weekend. There is so much momentum as we fear spots will quickly sign up. Please pray that this measurable numerical momentum would translate into unmeasurable spiritual momentum as students fall in love with Jesus, having a meaningful encounter at Lake Wylie.

Current Clubs — In the last two weeks both Harris Road and Cannon Cougar Wyldlife clubs have started. Cox Mill, Cannon YL, AL Brown, and Hickory Ridge HS have seen major breakthroughs with lost students and with a diversity of students that reflects the student body. Vance HS invited the drumline to club. Concord HS, Jay M. Robinson, and Butler are taking great steps in rebuilding club and Independence HS is having 25–30 students come to campaigners each week to dream about the launch of their club. WoW! Praise Jesus!

First Wyldlife club for Cannon