When the Wind Blows

Earlier this semester we began to pray for a fresh wind to blow through our area. In need of momentum, relationships, resources, and energy we began, together, to ask for God to put a new spirit into us. Spirit and Wind, though separate words in English are inextricably linked in our theology. In both Hebrew and Greek the word for spirit (H: ruah G:pneuma) means breath or wind. As we have prayed for wind we have seen a new spirit move through the area — we have often prayed that God would do specific things in the arenas of finances, number of leaders, or other measurable quantities. However, this most recent prayer for fresh wind has produced something far different — people are changing.

Leaders are walking with a greater conviction, confidence, and strength not because of a talk that was given but because of something that is being done in them. Leaders like Brock who just got placed and has gone “all in” at Jay M. Robinson building bridges with tough kids we’ve never reached before. Leaders like Kyle who is pioneering Wyldlife in our area — he never would have asked to lead middle schoolers but texted recently saying “I can’t believe it, I’m really falling in love with these kids”. Leaders like Callie and Madison who, after getting shut down by a group of kids in the parking lot at Concord, were retreating to their car to drive back to campus. When they put their hands on the door handles they realized that God had called them there and He would provide — so they turned around and went back into the crowd of kids and came out having met 15 new students that afternoon.

Then there are the high school students — like Max, who I enjoy talking with more than almost any kid at Cox Mill. Max is a good friend but would never come to Young Life because he didn’t know how he felt about God. After we began praying for him as a group of leaders Max just happened to show up at campaigners (skipping over the club step)and through tears said that he couldn’t explain why but he felt like God was someone he wanted to know and that things in his life are happening that he can’t explain. Today Max told me he wanted to come to Frontier Ranch with us this summer.

There’s also Damian and Julia, campaigners kids from Northwest. Two weeks ago 3 students from NW were signed up for summer camp, it was a disaster. But then God put it on Damian and Julia’s hearts to go to camp again this summer and to help their leaders fill the trip in order to make an impact on younger kids at that school. Today there are 25 underclassman signed up for “The Best Week of Their Lives” at Carolina Point.

Please continue to pray: God, let your wind blow through Young Life University City/Cabarrus County. Change lives, change leaders, open doors, bring people into the mission. Let your new wind blow.

3 Specific Prayer Requests

1.) We only have 30 camp spots left on our trips this summer. Please pray for all 30 to be filled by Sunday.

2.) Please pray for $10,000 in camp scholarships to be given this week.

3.) Pray for our Urban Fundraiser night on Tuesday — Ladies Bunco Night for God to open new doors into the i85 corridor through Charlotte.