Response to false accusations against Talkspace
Oren Frank

I want to call attention to some negative reviews made on about Talkspace that made me really concerned:

“Therapists are taught to lure clients to engage in more therapy even when they don’t need it. Client retention is all that matters.”

“Oren and Roni Frank are out to make money and they ruthless in their pursuit.”

“Threaten not to pay therapists if they don’t use certain pre written “scripts” while counseling your clients”

“When i had a client who wanted to leave because they felt the met their goals, I was encouraged to twist their arm into staying and then i was held accountable for the loss of another client”

“[The management] micromanage what you say when providing therapy”

“”Therapists are not expected to do therapy, but rather, are expected to “keep the relationship going.” If you are a counselor who is accustomed to helping clients reach their goals and then move on, you will not last long at Talkspace. They expect you to keep clients, even if they have achieved their goal. If they leave, you will lose the ability to gain additional clients. At Talkspace, the only outcome they are interested in is retention”

“”Many times you are forced to feel like a salesperson when trying to convince someone they still need therapy after they have met their goals.””

“(…) threaten to not pay if you don’t post scripts about selling video features”

You can look these quotes up yourself by finding the page for talkspace on

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