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(lack of) empathy in search design

Lily Li
Lily Li
Nov 16, 2018 · 3 min read

I’ve been using ClassPass for over a year now and the ability to reserve classes with various studios on my phone is so convenient. I’ve seen ClassPass’ business model and app evolve, fine tuning its branding and functions. However, I have to point out some of the sloppiness that I expected to have changed by now.

What do people do? Log on. Check upcoming class and/or find a class.

Scenario #1
You open up the filters to see what is on and decides to leave it as is. Now you’re left with 2 choices:

1. “Done” (but you haven’t done anything except opening the filters page)

2. “Reset” (but you wanted to leave the filters as is)

The correct choice is “Done”, which takes you back to the “Find a Class” page, but the wording is misleading and implies that there was action. As for “Reset”, there’s no second level and it resides at the top like a back button (refer to scenario 3 for consequences of this implication).

People are creatures of habit and rarely want to reset a routine so a “reset” function should reside in a less accessible location.

Issue: word choice and placement

Scenario #1 — Hidden “back” button

Scenario #2
You’re in “Find a Class”, decide to adjust filters, change the location (add a neighborhood in San Francisco), go back to the filters page but decide to change your mind about editing it in the first place.

Well, you’re out of luck because you either have to reset and start from blank (re-adjust the time, credit, types of activities, etc) or go back to location, expand San Francisco, and deselect the neighborhoods.

Issue: lack of “Cancel”

Scenario #2 — If you didn’t like your changes, you’re forced to “Reset” or go back and undo the changes one by one.

Scenario #3
The filters page trains you to associate top right with “Done” and top left with “Reset”. From the filters page, you open the “Location” setting, adjust your selections, hit top right. Oops, now you’ve just cleared all your location selections.

You’re on the “Location” setting, decide not to change anything, hit the top left button to go back to the filters page, hit the top left again to exit filters. Well now you’ve just reset all your filters.

Issue: inconsistent buttons

Scenario #3 — Confusing placements
Lily Li

Written by

Lily Li

UX Designer | UC Berkeley ’17 | Intrigued by human behavior & passionate about design | San Francisco, CA

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