Bus stop Episode 1

Look, my name is Jake. My friend and I are pretty closing to dying, and I don’t have the time to tell you everything. I’m probably not going to be alive to finish this story. I don’t want to freak you out or anything, but here is my story so far.
I joined my friend Tyler to a trip to his uncle’s barn couple days. His uncle INTRODUCED me to his beautiful barn. The barn was quite EXTRAORDINARY. I had an unforgettable time. It was finally the time to head back, and his uncle dropped us at an isolated bus stop late at the night, a hundred miles away from his barn. He worried leaving two teenagers at a middle of the evening, but stupid Tyler said it was fine and DISMISSED himself back to playing Flappy Bird. I wished he never said that because his uncle could have driven us all the way to home and none of this would happen. Anyways, we said goodbye and waited for the bus to arrive. I can’t believe how stupid MISTAKES some people make, like building a bus stop in the middle of the forest near a huge ANTICLINE. The vegetation looked very SYNTHETIC too. It wasn’t a huge concern because my eyes were glued to the phone. That’s when the trouble began. I heard a very high pitched, definitely human’s scream not far away. It went like this.
“What was that?!” Tyler said, looking up from his phone.
“Jake, let’s get out of here.”
Another scream*
“RUN” My voice whispered.
It seemed like my leg was DEMOLISHED or a needle was INTERJECTED through my vein. I couldn’t move. The panic overcame me. That was when Tyler yanked my wrist and pulled me up. I couldn’t believe how much CONFIDENCE he had. We started to run fastest as we could NONSTOP into the darkness.

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