The Hotmail is one of the popular free online e-mail services. This web-based e-mail service was founded by the Jack Smith and Sabeer Bhatia. Today, more than 1000 million people are using the Hotmail. It allows the user to send and receive the email. It provides the schedule calendar and huge space to save the contact.

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Are you troubling to Sign in Hotmail? Do you need simple steps to Login Hotmail account? If yes, then you have landed at the right place. Here you can get the simple procedure to Hotmail Login account on the smartphone or desktop. These steps will help you to Login Hotmail account easily within the limited time.

Sign In Hotmail From The Web Browser

By following the below-given steps you can log in the Hotmail from the web browser.

  1. First, you should visit the browser.
  2. Then enter the
  1. and click on the enter button.
  2. If you have Hotmail account then you can easily sign in the Hotmail.
  3. If you do have the Hotmail account then you need to create the Hotmail account.
  4. After creating the account then you will continue to sign in the Hotmail.
  5. Enter the phone number and password.
  6. Now you have successfully login to Hotmail then the user will get on the Hotmail mail page.

Here you can see all of the emails such as send mail, draft mail, junk mail, deleted mail and others. You can select the send option to send the mail to your friends.

Hotmail Sign In From The Search Engine

You can also login to the Hotmail Login Page from the search engine such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others. Here you can get the step to log in the Hotmail from the search engine.

  • Enter the particular browser.
  • Then enter the Hotmail Login into the search engine.
  • And enter outlook mail username and password.
  • Then you will successfully log in to the Hotmail account.

How To Login Hotmail Account With The Smartphone

There is the huge range of the ways to sign in the MSN Hotmail account with the smartphone such as the mobile browser, mobile application, and others. If you do not know the steps to log in the Outlook mail with the mobile phone then you can follow the below mention steps to sing in with the Hotmail account.

Login Hotmail Account With Mobile Phone Web Browser

Today, there is the huge range of the people are using the smartphone for various purposes such as chatting, calling, online shopping and others. Many mobile users are communicating to others with the email. You can connect the email on the smartphone at any time and anywhere in the world. With the help of the Hotmail iniciar session, you can easily log in the Hotmail account from the tablet or mobile phone. It is completely free to access the Hotmail on the smartphone. There are different ways to sign in the Hotmail on the iPhone device such as safari browser or

  • First, you should visit the safari browser or
  • On the search bar, you can enter the Hotmail Login.
  • Click the first option which appeared on the display.
  • Now you can use the Hotmail account.

If you need to log in the Hotmail account on the Android app you can open the Google chrome on the device and follow the similar step on the Apple device.

Hotmail Login On Mobile App

Log in Hotmail on the iOS app: In the modern world, you can log in the Hotmail on the mobile application. The iPhone is the most popular device in the market. There are broad ranges of the iPhone users are having the Hotmail accounts they looking steps to log in the outlook main on the iOS applications.

  • First, you should go to the setting on the smartphone and click on the mail option.
  • Then you need to select the account.
  • When the user selects the account option then they go to see any email account you need to set up.
  • If you cannot see any email account option then you can see add account button. You can click on add account that will ask the email account type what you are setting up.

If the user clicks the outlook email then you will sign in the Hotmail account. You can enter the Hotmail email ID and hit on the next button. If you enter yes then you can sync the information.

Sign in Hotmail with Android: The Android operating system is another famous OS. Most of the people are using the Android OS. With the help of the Android app, you can use the Hotmail account on your device.

  • First, go to the Google play store on your device.
  • Enter Microsoft outlook in the play store search box.
  • Click on the download button.
  • After completing the download you can install the application.
  • Now open the outlook app.
  • Enter the Hotmail account ID and password.
  • Now you enjoy using the Hotmail app on your android smartphone.

Impressive Features Of Hotmail

The Hotmail is the free web-based email service and it has exclusive features such as store files, share photos, and others. The Hotmail online mail service allows you to use the Hotmail account on the Smartphone or desktop. With the help of the internet connection, you can send and receive the email in the Hotmail.

  • The user can share the photos, documents, files, integrate office and other to your friends in the SkyDrive. It is harmonious with the different OS.
  • The Hotmail allows you to store the files and photos in the cloud. When you are entering the Hotmail you can log in the outlook mail account and you can access the file what document and files you have saved in the Hotmail.
  • You can access the Hotmail entrar account on the smartphone, tablet, and desktop from anywhere the world with the help of internet connection.

If you need to log in the Hotmail on the mobile phone then you can install the MS office tools. If the users do not have to install the MS office tools on the desktop and this tool is not available for the smartphone or tablet versions. The Hotmail users can access the contacts with the few clicks and they can also sort in the single tab. By using this tool, you can easily create the documents which you want to send the document and files to the contacts in the cloud.

The sign in provides the calendar to the users in the Hotmail. You can put the appointments, pending tasks, important details, reminders, and others in the Hotmail that you do not miss any appointments. In the Hotmail calendar, you can easily program the event date and time. You can access the outlook mail calendar within few clicks. You can easily send the files, document, and messages to other email accounts which linked to the Hotmail. Both the computer and mobile device, you can find this feature. The user can access the contact list of SIM cards and you can also save it on the Hotmail.

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