I Meditated on a Crater

Buried in the mountains of Ecuador is a small village called Quilatoa whose only inhabitants are indigenous tribes. My sole purpose of going is to see a magnificent, turquoise lake in a crater adjacent to the town.

Nothing prepares you for the breathtaking view of something so magnificent words cannot describe it.

At the highest peak “el pico mas alto,” Monte Juyende, I find myself in complete tranquility. As I sit on the ground breathing heavily from finishing an hour long hike, an immense yearning to meditate overcomes me.

I close my eyes and listed to my heart beat.

I listen to the wind singing its song and the dogs howling as I slow my breath down.

I am the only one here.

I am fully present to the world around me.

Nothing else exists.

When I open my eyes, the only thing I see is the turquoise waters below.

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