Great and useful blogs for email development

I have been into CRM and email template development for over 2 year now. Over the time I discovered some very useful resources on how to develop emails. It is no surprise that developing emails is everything but easy. It requires a lot of testing, since each email client can render an email differently. Reading email development blogs helped me to understand the struggles and pain points of email and how to tackle them. Below you can find the resources that helpend me the most.


This is an awesome blog consisting of an extensive amount of HTML snippets with best practices on how to apply certain design patterns and features in emails. But also it is an excellent collection of fixes for different email clients which will save you a lot of testing in Litmus.


When it comes to increasing the interactivity in your emails, than this is for sure the blog you should bookmark. FreshInbox has a wide variety of articles explaining on how to integrate (interactive) features into your emails. I recommend having a look into the shopping widget and the hamburger menu. Please not that implementing these features into your email template requires a lot of work and can result in a lot of extra lines of code into your template. But question is, if users expect to see such features in emails and how likely users will use these features. Apart from that I think it is great to see blogs like this trying hard to integrate these capabilities into email.


Although this blog hasn’t been updated for a while, it contains some very insightful articles on how to approach email development. My favourite is about module email templates explaining the creation of modular email kit and all of it’s layout elements by showing some best practices.