Too much…to fast…or how to write a fictional piece about “Trump World” that isn’t dated…

Of course the first question may be: why write a fictional piece about “Trump World”?…I finally came to realize that I’m a fiction writer(regardless of the fact that I don’t do it professionally) because when I feel the need to deal with something, the most creative thing I can come up with: write a story that has flesh and blood characters dealing with the same issue/situation. By using the writing process (with humor and a touch of fantasy) I can be with the situation creatively and not be overwhelmed by it…

Case in point: the election of Donald Trump…I’m a Canadian; even so I could so easily be overwhelmed by his election and possible ramifications for the world as a whole. So I started writing “Strumpet Towers” shortly afterwards. And needless-to-say it quickly became dated…even as I was writing it…

(although my excellent writing consultant, Julie Rodriguez, suggested that any story is just a snapshot taken at one point in time; so this story is a “snapshot” written just after the election…)

I’m also aware that on Medium people generally write much shorter pieces, often in installments. I don’t see myself writing a further installment of “Strumpet Towers”… although I suspect that I could “resurrect” the main characters (they all fall into a sinkhole that they ignore because Con “The Con” Strumpet insists that it doesn’t exist).

I’m aware, though, that on the whole, I’m not a political writer. Yet, I must admit that Donald Trump tempted me to enter that field. Even now, I find myself fascinated by what-seems-to be his character…Someone who doesn’t seem to have any sense of loyalty to anything beyond himself; who wants what he wants — such as Michael Flynn as National Security Adviser — regardless of the fact that Flynn was so corrupt that Flynn’s paymasters — -not the best interests of the country — could very well determine Flynn’s policy; a pathological liar who needs to shape reality — even it means denying what has happened — to fit the grandiose picture of himself; the bully who feels that he can bully people into doing what it wants; and believes that he can even brutalize Nature without any consequences.

A good story could be: where would Donald Trump be if he’d been born an average Joe? would he be employable? Or would he be a “down and out”, a member of one of those fringe groups who support him?

Now that could be a good story and one that I wouldn’t feel comfortable writing. It’s just too far removed from the scope of my personal experience.

No. I prefer to write about issues/situations/beliefs that come up for me in a more immediate way.

Lamenting the lack of (or the real values) of our supposed “leaders” — I will leave that to others who experience this as their calling.