Yoav Moran
Jul 7, 2016 · 1 min read

״If a woman was rejected by a dude, her first thought would be “I’m not hot enough” but when a man is rejected by a woman, often his first thought seems to be “bitch should have taken it.”״
You’re sure about it? Then I think that instead of womansplaining to men you should read some writings of men (yes, these stupid horny creatures are able to write sometimes when they’re not drooling) and learn a thing or two.
When women rejected me I always blamed myslef. So did all of my friends. Ask and shrink that talks to men and he’ll tell you about the rejections. But no, in your mind it’s “bitch should have taken it”.

The problem is not what you wear or how you look. It seems that the problem is the type of men you surround yourself with, if that’s what you think of us.

    Yoav Moran

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