August 31, 2016

This is where I went today (Roxas Blvd). I always go solo anywhere peaceful whenever I feel burnt out of the everyday routine I do or whenever I feel lost and don’t know what purpose do I really have in life, but I never thought I would do this on my birthday. Usually I want to be with people on this day, but this year it was different. Despite the fact that I have broken all my new year’s resolution this year that I swore to myself I would do for my betterment, I want to know myself a little bit more. I tend to be caught up to who I want to be or who I should be, that I have forgotten that I have an own identity that I just have to take care of and love. Although I got lost on the way going here, I think this is a day I should always look back to and remember. I am not anyone else but me and there is no one else who can love myself other than me. a happy birthday indeed.
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