Many times in my life that anger will contain me. I am a hot-tempered person before, as for now, it lessens but sometimes it is still there, until one time, (Yes! Thank you Lord) that is when God reminds me through this verse.

Being at peace has always been remarkable to each one of us. Being at peace should be understood as INNER PEACE and OUTER PEACE. I say inner peace means within ourselves and outer peace means peace with other people. Both goes hand to hand because from the one comes the other otherwise there would be no peace.

Sometimes, no matter how we say or do, people aren’t going to accept us. Just like the way when we ask time to other people just a few minutes of their time to share the gospel, or let other people feel the love of God when they have problem, people just don’t want peace with you or us. But we must remember that it is okay even if they don’t accept it, we must still be at peace with them so we can be, on our own, at peace as well.

It just reminds me that we must continue to do our best to be at peace with other people even if they don’t accept it for this peace will just come back to you. Moreover, there is God who will fight for us amidst all of these things, not only about experiencing peace, but also about other struggles in our life, we just have to stay calm and let God do the rest.

God bless! :)

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