This coming June 30- July 2 will be our church’s (Victory) mid-year prayer and fasting. These are the days where we will have an expectant heart, closer relationship with God and thank God for the half a year that has gone by. Yearly, we make our faith goals or what we wanted for God to fulfill and we hold on to it and God’s promises but of course if it is not God’s will, then thy will be done. Thus, I want to share points that should be remembered during these days or when we fast. (I got some of which from our service)

1. Fasting means giving up something (social networking, foods or things you usually do) and replace it with another (prayer and reading God’s word) otherwise you only do diet or what.

2. By prayer and fasting we must be reminded that more than seeking God to fulfill our faith goals this year, let us seek Him to live according to His master plan and perfect will for us

3. Prayer and fasting are the days that we need to be sensitive on what God is telling to us. These are the days where the real issues in our life will be revealed as we will be deprived of the things that we usually do. These are the days the we need to draw closer to God and be intimate with our relationship with Him.

4. We commit to prayer and fasting not only because we want our faith goals to be fulfilled, rather we must want God to tell us what to do or what is our responsibility for our faith goals to happen.

5. Our main goal for this prayer and fasting should be our deeper relationship with God. We should humble ourselves if you really want God’s will to reveal.

I hope and pray that we encounter God and just thank Him for everything that will be revealed to us during our prayer and fasting!

God bless!

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