Eleven: Table Tennis VR

My favorite VR experience so far is the ping pong simulation Eleven. It requires room-scale VR equipment such as the HTC Vive, which is what I have. I was amazed at how well Eleven simulates the experience of playing ping pong. I almost forget that it’s a simulation; I feel like I’m really playing ping pong. Actually, I am! To date, the cumulative time I’ve spent playing Eleven is 25 hours, and I add to that almost every day. Eleven offers a good range of AI opponents. As my skill improved, I got to the point where the Amateur and Semi Pro levels didn’t give me enough of a challenge, although they’re still good for getting warmed up. These days, I spend the most time playing at the Professional level. When I first tried it, I didn’t think I would ever beat it; now I beat it regularly, but only if I try hard and play well. I doubt that the Professional level will ever become too easy for me, but if it does, there are even higher levels awaiting me. Another great aspect of Eleven is the multiplayer feature, which lets you play against a remote human opponent. If you don’t have any friends who play Eleven, you can play against the first stranger who comes along, although sometimes you wait and wait and nobody shows up. Lag is sometimes an issue, but sometimes you don’t even notice it. Multiplayer mode also includes voice chat, which adds a lot to the experience, even though the conversation is mostly just the groans and chuckles one can’t help but make while playing ping pong.

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