The Day I Messed Up The Wedding Vows.

Click, click, click, zzzzz, click, CLICK.


I’ll never do it again. I’ll never again, leave my mobile phone switched on in my suit pocket while filming a wedding.

Click, zzzzz, click, zzzzz

The wedding had been spectacular, a fantastic occasion and I knew I’d captured some pretty special shots, so I was really looking forward to editing this little beauty.

Imagine my horror then, when as I logged the shots I was going to include in this wonder peice, I heard the speakers begin to buzz and click…

“Eh? “

.. and completely mess up the sound of the wedding Vows.

It was horrid; oh the words were still there but it was like listening to a special translation for dolphins!

Click, click, click.

And there was no way I could creatively magic a reason for adding sonar clicks to a wedding video sound track!


I’d never messed up like this before, ever!

With 15 years of professional TV and film experience, I had learnt that, “Anything can be fixed in post”, but this? How?

And then…

“Hi Dave, thanks for filming our wedding, we just couldn’t believe how you blended in, loads of guests have said you were a blast to be with, can’t wait to see the finished movie. When do you think it’ll be ready? So excited to see it!”

“Double B*****ks!”

“Oh Dave, I’m in tears. How did you do that? How did you make our special day even better?”

“Blood and sweat love, blood and sweat! “

It really was a huge job to remove every click and buzz from the audio track, one by one using an audio editor, and then stretching the sound again to make up for the bits I’d chopped out without changing the pitch of the audio, and it’s this kind of dedication that you’re paying for when you hire a wedding videographer. You may never know what’s gone pear shaped; you don’t need to know, and a good videographer will deliver results you’ll cherish for years!

Dave Young is a wedding videographer and runs The Young Perspective.