Why smiling at a wedding could make you look like a nutter.

Ok, wedding’s are supposed to be happy occasion’s and so what’s wrong with smiling, or even laughing at a wedding? That’s the point right? A wedding is a celebration after all.

Yes a wedding is a celebration, that’s true, and hopefully everyone contributes, thereby making the event an amazing occasion, (Well at least until the after dinner disco anyway), but consider this.

You haven’t met old mad uncle Bert since the last wedding, 9 years ago, and for good reason’s because at the last wedding Bertie thought it’d be great fun if he were to pull his trousers down and moon the bride, however what old Bert didn’t remember, (because his mad chaotic lifestyle didn’t permit it), is that he was in such a rush to get to the wedding that day, he wholly forgot to put on a pair of pants… Ooops. And you haven’t yet forgiven him for becoming the focal point of your wedding that day.

So now you’re smiling as he recalls that, “Mad”, and hilarious thing he did way back then, excitedly telling you and a group of fellow wedding guests, as you all mingle outside the church. You see, old mad uncle Bert has the empathy skills of a lobster!

As a member of your group talks you begin to slowly look away, still smiling as your head turns mechanically like a robot, desperate to spot someone, anyone who would meet your gaze and suddenly realise they haven’t seen you for years, come bounding towards you and give, “Etiquette permission”, for you to leave the current conversation.

Instead however, your fixed smile finds the glazed black lens of the wedding videographer and now you have a dilemma. Do you look away, or pretend that the camera isn’t there?

It doesn’t really matter because, potentially you’re doomed either way.

You see, the camera has already captured your expressions and possibly, several weeks later, a finished wedding video could disclose everything to all.

Unless, that is, the wedding videographer is sensitive to the situation.

You see, the difference between a videographer and a really good videographer is that the good one won’t allow your smile to reveal all. A good videographer is empathetic to you and all the guests, and in the editing she or he will make the right call because they’re visually sensitive to emotions and the story they tell.

The sign of a great wedding videographer is sometimes more about what’s left out of the final video, than what’s in it.

So when you browse the proliferation of wedding video vendors for your own wedding, try and see above the technology they use, and look for the emotional story. If you spot a smiling nutter then stay well away!

By Dave Young at The Young Perspective.