Divine indulgence

I just finished watching the season one finale of Lucifer. AND I LOVED IT. I love this show. It’s been a long time since a TV show has interested me enough to stop and drop whatever I am doing to indulge for an hour. Granted, I record it and watch it when I can (life is life after all) but I faithfully watched every episode.

And I’m so glad I did!

Yes, it’s just a television show. Yes, it’s for entertainment. And I am entertained!

I’m also pleasantly surprised it has been picked up for a second season. I have read the hoopla about how Million Moms wanted FOX to not show the series at all. How different groups are denouncing it and vilifying it. Of course they would. God forbid (pun definitely intended) that a show takes the character of Lucifer and shows him in a light not fitting their agenda.

If you haven’t seen the show, here’s my take…

Lucifer, Lord of Hell, retires to LA. He’s done being “Dad’s” bad guy and taking all the crap for being the devil. One of his angel brothers tries to get him to go back, unsuccessfully. Along the way Lucifer meets a good detective and they join forces to bring justice to the bad guys. Of course, Lucifer has his own ideas of justice but with the intent of punishing the bad guys. After all, bad guys are supposed to go to hell, where he punishes them for eternity. So it makes sense.

But along the way Lucifer finds he has some compassion and sympathy for the good guys. He is upset when a preacher is killed for no reason. He helps take out the bad guys when they hurt good people.

Not the Lucifer they tell you about in church, now is it?

And I love it!

I have always had a problem with the villains in the Bible. Lucifer and Judas. They are portrayed as horrible, corrupt and evil. I’ll leave my rant about how the Bible has the whole Judas thing wrong for another day. This is about Lucifer. The Morning Star. The Light. The first of all the angels. God’s favorite angelic son.

Let’s say everything about God and the Bible is correct, about a few things anyway. First being that God created angels with NO free will. They were perfectly created to do God’s bidding without question. Let’s go on the assumption that God is perfect and anything He does is exactly as He meant it to be, without exception. IF you go on that premise then NO angel could ever disobey God. Never. Not ever. For any reason. He created them to obey perfectly without question. To say that any angel then disobeyed God means that He either created them WITH free will or He is fallible. You can’t have it both ways. Absolutes don’t work that way.

SO… if God made the angels perfect and without free will there is NO WAY Lucifer could ever have acted on free will (he doesn’t have that option) and if he is in charge of hell it’s because he was following ORDERS. Who’s orders? Why God’s orders, of course. Therefore Lucifer, by simple deduction, did not betray or disobey God. He did as he was told. There had to be someone in charge of hell that God trusted. Someone who would do his duty without question. Who would God trust with that? His favorite? His first angelic son?

Makes perfect sense to me!

And for eternity Lucifer would be known as the Lord of Hell. Not because he did anything wrong. But because he dutifully, without question, followed his father’s orders. You can say he was cast into hell, but not because he was bad. He was cast into hell because his father commanded him to. God commanded him to. And he was helpless to do otherwise.

It’s been said that Lucifer is a liar. That he is out to corrupt mankind. That he makes people do bad things. Not really. Humans, by design, were created WITH free will (still going with the whole Bible version here, what I personally believe is a totally different thing mind you) and the ability to do bad things all on their own. And good things too. They can choose. Lucifer doesn’t need to whisper to mankind atrocities to inflict on other humans. We do that very well without any supernatural help. Because we CHOOSE to.

If there is a hell we make the choices that send us there. We don’t need any encouragement or help. This is just where Lucifer gets the blame. “The devil made me do it!”. No, you chose to do it. Lucifer had nothing to do with it at all. He might punish you for eternity for your choices but he didn’t make you do anything.

As for him being a liar, well, not really. He might not tell you the whole truth all the time but that isn’t technically lying. He knows that people are inherently good and bad. He is the angel and devil on your shoulder but you ultimately make the choice. He doesn’t care either way. He has no choice but to be where he is. What you choose to do with your life won’t change his eternity. It only changes yours.

Which is why I love this show. It shows there is an angel who is conflicted. Who had no choice. And he is enjoying his time on earth. Enjoying interacting. And even doing some good in the process while still having to be true to who God made him.

Almost like how we have to come to terms with who we are and how we want to be. But we have the choice. And even when you think Lucifer is going against God’s will we see how God continues to use him for whatever “great plan” He may have.

Kind of makes a person wonder, if there is a God, a God who we have been told is perfect and omnipotent, and knows everything before it happens, why would He let all that happens happen? Why would He make all these rules He knows we would break? Why would He allow things to happen He supposedly doesn’t approve of? If He knows EVERYTHING before it happens then He knows what each of us will do every minute of every day before we do it. And He lets it happen. He’s okay with that. He created it all. And He’s perfect. So everything he creates, or anything his creations do, is perfect as He has ordained.

And so is Lucifer.

A perfectly created angel. The FIRST angel. His first angelic son. A son who obeyed Dad and does as he is told. Perfectly.

And now he has a show to prove it. And I love it!