Me. Me, Me, Me!

When I started Medium I had no idea what I was going to write about. There is SO much content on SO many different subjects. It can be a bit overwhelming. As I’ve found a little of my voice I realized I was trying to write for everyone else. What would “they” like? What would “they” want to read? Now what do I think?

Fuck it. I am writing for myself. If no one ever reads a damn thing I write here that’s okay. I’m not writing for “them” any longer.

I do a lot of things in my life for other people. My family, my daughters, my husband, my husband’s illness, my job, the dog. Even though these things are “mine”, they aren’t really, day to day, anything about ME. It’s what I do for everyone else.

So this is going to be my place for ME. My hopes, my fears, my dreams, my confusion, my sorrows, my frustrations, my indignations, my joys, my tears, my rants.


We all give and give and give so much to the world, to the people in our world, we sometimes, I sometimes, forget that we/I need a place and space to be just BE. If people like me being me, GREAT! If not? Well, there’s the door. Please close it on your way out. Or not. Don’t care.

I have found some awesome people here writing from their hearts. I have seen some content that I just pass by because it doesn’t speak to me. That’s okay. And it’s okay if others just pass me by too. I don’t have to be part of anyone’s “tribe”. I don’t have to be in the “in crowd” spewing things just for the recommendations and comments. I was never part of the “in crowd” ever, so why change now.

So, if you read this far, thank you. It IS appreciated.

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