I was simply stating that you folks just take rare exceptions and pretend like it’s the norm.
Antonio Kowatsch

‘rare exceptions and pretend like it’s the norm”

That, right there, is the misconception. That it’s a rare exception. And then to accuse the over-exaggeration that we are “pretending” it’s normal.

A man in Texas was just arrested on FEDERAL charges of assault. What did this man do? He was at a bar, went up to a woman he didn’t know, put his hands on her waist and started grinding her butt from behind. When she asked him to stop he laughed at her and called her names. When she tried to move away from him he blocked her from leaving and verbally assaulted her. When she tried to move again he took the glass she had in her hand and SMASHED IT INTO HER FACE breaking her nose and cutting her up around one eye. When a man tried to step in to defend the woman this wonderful man who just assaulted her kicked the guy trying to help her in the groin.

THIS is just one of the instances of where a woman saying NO to a man turned violent. ONE OF MANY. Every single day, in every city and town, everywhere you go, there are women and girls being assaulted verbally by men they do and don’t know. Cat-calls, whistles, insinuated sexual comments and advances. MANY women EVERY SINGLE DAY. And more and more are of those altercations are turning violent when women and girls say they aren’t interested.

So NO, it is far from rare and we aren’t pretending anything is “the norm”. IT IS THE NORM. You are once again dismissing the reality that women and girls go through. The fear they have. Fear ingrained by experience. We are not going to apologize for feeling justified fear when a man we don’t know assaults us verbally or physically just because we aren’t interested. You’re right, not ALL men are like that. But WE DON’T KNOW which ones are the “good guys” and which are not. We can’t take that chance. It’s not an illusion. It’s reality. A reality you either refuse to understand or just are too blind to recognize. But it is reality. You have no logic in this argument. You have no basis by which to judge since you are a man and not a woman. You have no idea the fear from experience women do have.

And until you do you will never understand. So don’t try to pull the high and mighty card and say that we are all delusional and are making more of it than you think we should. WE LIVE IT. As long as there are men who minimize the the reality, the reality won’t change. You will always think we are just being over-emotional and over-reacting. And that makes you part of the problem, even if you are one of the “good guys” who would never do anything like that.

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