The trial

“You!” the young girl shouted
 As fear from her mouth spouted

“You did this to me!
 She’s evil! Can’t you see?”

“Oh my poor, dear child
 What has caused you to go wild?”

She points and then falls down
 Body shaking on the ground

She has pointed at you
 You think “What did I do?”

The townsfolk meanwhile
 Are preparing for your trial

You’re taken off to jail
 And your hopes begin to pale

There are others like accused
 As this witch hunt now ensues

Just yesterday someone died
 Now there’s nowhere left to hide

The day has finally come
 And the trial has begun

The accusations fly
 You think “Why do they lie?”

“They know that I’m not bad.
 Have they all gone mad?”

The girls again do say
 That you haunt them night and day

They say they know for fact
 With the devil you made a pact

And you gave them such a fright
 They’re afraid to sleep at night

Again you say NO
 That this has not been so

That you are truly good
 It’s all misunderstood

The court now hears no more
 You are led out of the door

Back to your cell
 Now only time will tell

The time it went too quick
 And the verdict made you sick

The court now has deemed
 You’re a witch so it now seems

And now you are to die
 From a branch way up on high

Your pleas carry no weight
 As they set your fateful date

The day it comes too soon
 And as the sun sees noon

You are led to a tree
 Where everyone can see

Now you feel the rope
 As it’s place around your throat

You look around again
 Hoping to find a friend

But you are alone
 You begin to sob and moan

The moment now is here
 The moment that you fear

And now you hear the call
 You feel yourself begin to fall

The rope has now gone tight
 You struggle and you fight

For one more gasp of air
 Then you cease to care

And as the world does fade
 The greatest price you paid…