I hate Donald Trump and the Republican Party.
Stephen Kent Gray

You are correct, I have approached this subject from a limited view (for a reason) with a broad sweeping brush (again for a reason). There are many men and women who fight for a variety of things that would make the genders more equal across the board. I don’t deny that. The reason for my limited view and broad brush strokes is to highlight the women, Republicans, who adhere to and promote the stripping of rights for other women. There is no logical reason why healthcare should be limited for women, and that includes clinics like Planned Parenthood. There is no reason why some women should endorse the notion that women are best keep behind and or below men. Either in the work place, religious institutions, at home or in any sphere of life. It sickens me to hear some women accept, promote and endorse an oppressed and subjugated stance when it comes to other women, like all women were meant to just be baby makers and “know their place”.

And I use female as the word for women like this only because they are female by birth but not women by class and understanding.

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