Ageless: A Tribute to Michael

He gave the whole world everything until he was left with absolutely nothing. Barren.

Longing for something.

Desolately trapped in the immaturity of his childhood.

It was a mystery. A great mystery, the dormancy of his maturity, that is.

Dejectedly shelled in the innocence of his adolescence.

Afflicted by cancerous words, vile actions, from those whom he gave so much. Oblivious to the enormity of our love for him.

I watched him. You watched him. As he stayed there, just stayed there. Trapped!

And when he did move, he danced to the beat of a familiar tune.
And when he did speak, he uttered words with the youthful disposition of an innocent, ageless voice.

Yet he stayed there, just remained there.

And I… and you… and we… wondered why? How? 
How a man could have everything, but yet have nothing?

I guess we’ll never know.