And why design is really about communicating solutions.

Published in Domus Magazine (Jun. 2013, p. 98–105), Louise Schouwenberg’s “Why Design Doesn’t Need to Perform” is a well articulated response to Timo de Rijk’s article “This Mine Sweeper is Life Threatening” (NRC handelsblad, Feb. …

How to analyze design like a pro, and what to look for when searching for meaning in everyday objects.

Some time ago, through a circle of friends and colleagues who were involved in that project, I followed the Materia Cork project by EXPERIMENTADESIGN and Amorim . From the 12 designed…

A view on the village of Obidos, Portugal.

On a small hill in Portugal, near the Atlantic, Men have settled maybe 2000, maybe 10000 years ago. Looking on the village of Obidos, today, you cannot resist the beauty, the inspiration, and the imagination that this place evokes. You may think on how lucky and successful this place must…

Yoád David Luxembourg

is a Dr. for Design, Media and Culture. A creative consultant & a consultant for creatives, he advises to businesses on creativity & to creatives on well-being.

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