Did you know you can post your Snapchats right into your Instagram story?

Silicon Valley is no stranger to borrowing ideas. Variations of a feed and newsfeed have bounced back and forth between Facebook and Twitter, a Venmo-esque payment function has popped up in Facebook and Snapchat, and most recently Instagram is taking on Snapchat “Stories” feature. It’s the circle of life, but it’s clear who sits on top of the food chain. Facebook, owner of Instagram, is starting to resemble a Frankenstein of Silicon Valley’s best ideas.

There are some kinks that Instagram has to work out in its user experience to convert loyal Snapchatters into Instagram Storiers. Until this gets hammered out, you don’t have to spend time creating unique content for both Instagram and Snapchat. Luckily, a path of least resistance exists. Become the master of your brand with a few quick changes. Start with Snapchat the same way you normally would, and then use this hack to post it on Instagram.

Step 1:

Go to Snapchat Settings, then Memories, then Save To.

Step 2:

Toggle the option to save to Memories & Camera Roll

Step 3:

Click the save button in the bottom left corner for the individual photo or video you want to add. (Either content you have posted to your story or snaps you are going to add)

Step 4:

Upload your content on Instagram. Click to upload an Instagram story. Instead of taking a photo, swipe down. You’ll see a list of all the videos and images downloaded to your phone over the last 24 hours. Select your snapchats and upload away!

(ProTip: this is also a great solution if you’d like snapchat filters on your Instagram stories.)

Voila! Time saved. And now we wait with bated breath for someone to start copying Myspace.