How I used Augmented Reality to Growth Hack

One of the most important parts of marketing is standing out. I’m always eager to find the newest tools and gadgets to make this easier.

This morning I found Holo, an app to add a “hologram” to your videos.

Another app in the augmented reality (AR) space to add randomness to your videos. Pretty solid selection of holograms to add, from Spiderman to this wrestler dude dancing on my laptop:

Most people will see this as a fun gimmick, but I see it as a new marketing tool test to grabbing attention. The dancing wrestler got your attention, didn’t it??

With Facebook making their augmented reality platform (Camera Effects) and Apple making AR a highlight of iOS 11, expect to see more folks in the AR space. Keep an open mind about how to use this for growth hacking and take advantage of it.

I put this to a test an A/B with two ad sets on Facebook. The video with the AR component had a relevance score of 8, the control was significantly lower. (If you’re not familiar, learn about Facebook relevance score here) Does adding a hologram make the ad more relevant? Heck no, but it did increase the engagement. The AR ad had more shares and comments. 📈 increasing engagement and 📉 decreasing ad cost.

Takeaway: The next time you make an Instagram post or a video ad on Facebook, try throwing some AR into the mix and see if there’s a change in your engagement. When you post online you’re competing for attention. Always try every method to stand out from the crowd, even the ones that at first glance look silly.

The pup was trying to attack the wrestler!

👉 Make your own hologram. App is here: