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Image by Dave Davidson from Pixabay

Don’t you all miss the late Sen. John McCain?

It’s been almost twelve years since he made a passionate and gracious concession speech after losing to then-Sen. Barack Obama. Even the fiercest opponents of McCain cannot help but accept his decency and honor. You can listen to the whole transcript here from NPR. I’m not here to romanticize him. I certainly did not agree with some of his policies he was trying to promote. But I’m hoping all of us — voters, candidates, supporters, media — can gain from the past in today’s extremely toxic political climate.

With Obama being the first African-American presidential nominee of a major party, McCain addressed the issue of racial relations after congratulating Obama on November 04, 2008. …

Trump demonstrates he can do it too

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Trump walks through the puddle and encourages his wife to do the same (Credit; C-SPAN)

The video footage showing Kanye West and his kids walking on water during the Sunday service by a televangelist Joel Osteen is currently circulating on social media.

The incredible footage was first released by his wife Mrs. West through her Twitter account. You can see the full footage here. The independent 2020 presidential candidate appears to walk on water with his two children and his choir. In the middle of the lake, Osteen gave a sermon. According to a report in The Mirror, Osteen said;

Watching these fine men and women sing, it looks like they are walking on water. My mind goes back to that time where Jesus invited Peter to walk on the water. I can imagine Peter thought ‘Jesus, what are you talking about? That’s impossible! …

Pompeo says “Baseball is the only recognized sport” in the U.S.

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Credit; (Jessica Rinaldi/REUTERS)

The Trump’s “Maximum Pressure Campaign” to change the behavior of whoever the U.S. does not agree with reached the next level last week when the Secretary of State Michael Pompeo announced the new sanction program against the ICC (International Cricket Council).

For those who do not know what cricket is, it is a team sport that shares some similarities to baseball. It is very popular in the U.K. and her Commonwealth countries.

The sanction program is designed to put economic pressures against certain actors to force them to change their behavior. Traditionally this tool has been used against what the U.S. considers rogue nations such as Venezuela, North Korea, and Iran. The tool allows the Treasury and other relevant agencies to impose certain restrictions such as asset freeze and visa ban against the individuals and entities, or to impose trade embargo. …

No, happiness is not a piece of cake

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Photo by Antonio Quagliata from Pexels

We live in the age of instant gratification where we expect our desires to be fulfilled instantly.

Looking for information? Google it.
Are you hungry? Order online and have it delivered right away.
You don’t know what you want? A.I. has some suggestions for you.

Although our desires are seemingly endless, it is not necessarily a bad thing. They are the main force for technological advancements and innovations. Without the desire to want more, human development will stagnate. However, people often confuse short-term indulgence with true happiness.

The central economic problem

One of the problems of instant gratification is that your wants are unlimited while resources are limited. It is materially impossible to satisfy all your desires. In fact, the problem of resource allocation is central to many conflicts in today’s world. …

The tools you use affect your thought process

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Photo by Kristina Tamašauskaitė on Unsplash

If you are a writer, you are most likely to have experienced a period when you felt your imagination finally ran out or when you struggled to put your thoughts into words. You can try many different things to break the mental block, such as having a break from writing, trying writing in a genre you have not written, rewriting what you have written before, and so on.

But, how about our writing tools? Most writers probably use a computer as it comes with many handy instruments such as spell checkers, predictive text, and formatting tools. It is also conveniently connected to the internet if any research is needed. …

Creative Non-Fiction

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Photo by Brett Sayles from Pexels

It’s been 8 months since we arrived in this small town of H. in Pennsylvania. Here, March is a good month as cherry blossoms are yet to be vanquished by green leaves.

They are so beautiful, yet a change of color made me feel old. Learning is only a joy for the first time. Then, it becomes a mere reminder of the past. The hundreds of cherry petals on the ground reminded me of the loss of virginity. Each broken heart reddened my garden.

This was a town full of reminders. Sadness was hidden in every reminder. Perhaps to deal with this sadness, Jane ordered some unusual plants, such as black tomatoes and dragon carrots for our garden. Before our arrival, the garden had been meticulously maintained by the landlady called Mrs. …



Caspar is a philosopher, poet, writer, traveler, who reveals the meaning of life through his writing.

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