I’m sorry you haven’t even read my full reply.

I know you are not American. Nothing I said implies I thought otherwise. I just said I wasn’t either. I have also never overlooked the downside to Hillary or Obama, in fact I accused Hillary and her corrupt band of super delegates from taking what should have been Bernie Sanders Democratic leadership if it was in fact a pure democracy. And that, by the way was my whole point — you said that there was nothing to suggest it wasn’t a democracy and I gave you three solid reasons why there is. Every reply has ignored rebuttal on those points, but instead offered blind accusations. 
For myself, or more importantly my American friends, how much anyone liked or disliked any past presidents or their campaign policies has never been a factor when it came to accepting the winner as the new president because they have always conducted themselves as decent human beings. Trump is the first president in my 50 years to ever cross that line. He incites hate, something you can get a life sentence for in many countries. The people of England attempted to have him banned from entering their country. You can’t compare this to any other American presidency in our lifetime. This is completely new ground which is why so many people are devastated and will never accept him as their leader. In addition to being a sexist, racist pig, his ignorance in foreign policy is scary and dangerous. For a country trying to get corruption out of politics, to appoint a guy with a 3,500 law suit track record that won’t even show his tax statements is completely ludicrous. Every city is thrilled when their hometown local hero takes the national stage. Why did Trumps own neighbors vote over 80% against him? They know him best.

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