you’re not rude, frustrated seems more like it.
Hoss Hoss

You are right — I am frustrated. But the world doesn’t need convincing and it’s not “my” science. The method goes back to the ancient Greeks at least and the world already trusts and thrives on science — that will never change. The status of science is not in jeopardy. You are also correct that the only ones who need convincing are “a bunch of down right stupid people”. But the world doesn’t need or care if they cooperate or are convinced. In fact much of the world would rather see this uneducated faction of America drag the whole country down. The issue is not about validating science or changing the world, it’s about protecting America’s status in it. If the best and brightest minds, which America has no shortage of, are shut down by hill-billy halfwits, the country will find itself on the other side of the brain drain phenomenon that has served it so well to date.

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