5 Reasons to consider a rebrand

We’ve worked with a lot of companies. We’ve sat down with start-ups who believe their brand will stand the test of time and we’ve rubbed shoulders with veteran companies who are afraid to change. The truth is that sometimes, change is good. Even more often, change is needed. Here are 5 solid reasons it may be time to consider a rebrand:


It’s time to let your baby escape the nest. Your company or organization has matured over the years, or maybe in the blink of an eye. Either way — growth spurts can signify that your brand is ready to become an adult. Take the time to set your brand up for what lies ahead. On the flipside, you may not be experiencing any growth at all. If growth doesn’t seem to be in the cards, perhaps your current brand strategy is holding you back. Take a magnifying glass to your current situation and make a decision to move forward.

Identity Crisis

Let’s be honest: it’s been a few years since you’ve had the time to look in the brand mirror. If you take a second to look now, will the brand you see match up with the business that you’ve become? If not, it may be time to get who you’re perceived to be and who you are on the same page. Let go of the identity crisis and take hold of a business identity that conveys the true you.


We know the story; 20 years ago when you were a struggling startup, you paid your sister’s designer friend to throw together a logo for your exciting new business venture. Lucky for you, that business venture has been successful. Sometimes a business that’s “made it” and is still sporting a logo that’s outdated can be as awkward as a 500-pound man wearing a tutu. If you’re feeling awkward about how your business is being represented and feel you’ve outgrown your old brand clothing — it might be time to get a new wardrobe.

Wrong Market

Over time, target markets can change. They can become more solidified as our knowledge base grows, or they can become larger as we gain an understanding of how our services and products lend to the global economy. Whatever the case may be, it certainly doesn’t hurt to take a step back and assess how your business and marketing plans are talking to your current target markets. You might discover that a rebranding effort can bring the conversation to a different level entirely.

Negative Connotations

Unfortunately, the public world can be a pretty vicious entity. One thing can go wrong for a business in the PR realm and in a second your brand value can deplete to negative nothing. We’re not saying to just slap a new logo on your website and expect to make it all go away, but taking a good hard look at your brand strategy can bring about larger discussions that will place your brand out in the world with a smiling reception. On another note, maybe you started out locally and have grown to become a globally known brand. Have you ever considered what your brand may represent in countries other than your own? It might be worth your while to take a peek at your international presence.

Originally published on Pixiolabs.