Get More Online Sales: 7 Secrets to Writing Great Product Descriptions

By Pixiolabs

This article originally appeared in the Pixiolabs’ Blog

Some online merchants like to treat product descriptions casually, just an obvious necessity to marketing their wares online. Many online merchants are losing sales and traffic because of ineffectively written product descriptions, or worse, straight copies of the manufacturer’s generic content.

The good news, well-written product descriptions provide online merchants with a competitive advantage: helping you rank higher in search engine results and draw in more customers. Start selling more online with these 7 tips to upgrade your product descriptions.

1) Take your Customer’s Point-of-View

No matter what you’re selling you need to know your target audience. Create a persona, an imaginary customer that represents your target audience, who explains why he or she buys your products.

2) Persuade with Benefits

Now that you are familiar with your online personas, it’s time to figure out what benefits you can offer to persuade your customers into making a purchase. Bring your customers’ attention to benefits by answering their questions like: why is your product better than the competitor? How can your product solve your customers’ problems?

3) Storytelling

Paint a picture for your customer: help them to imagine a situation when they’re using your product. Tell a story about using your product, but keep it general enough to let customers fill in the details so they can relate.

4) Provide Details

What are customers’ frequently asked questions (FAQs) about your products? Product descriptions should answer all the essential questions a potential customer would ask. Answer at least one relevant question from each of these 5 categories:

  • Who — Who is it made for? Who is it made by?
  • What — What is it for? What features does it have?
  • Where — Where is it made? Where can it be used?
  • Why — Why would customers need it? Why it is superior to other products?
  • When — When was it made? When should it be replaced or fixed?

Answer as many of these questions as while staying relevant. (By addressing commonly asked questions in product descriptions, you save time and money on customer service.)

5) Encourage Customer Reviews

Want free and original descriptions for your products? Let customers write them. Content written by other shoppers is more trustworthy. Customer reviews provide information from a user’s perspective, answering the simple questions that merchants sometimes forget.

6) Publish Original and Keyword Rich Content

Search engine optimization is becoming a necessity. Now most of the people are using search engines to find products. You can increase your ranking in Google by using keywords. First off, do away with generic manufacturer descriptions. Many online merchants already use them, so keep away from them if you want to stand out in search results.

The manufacturers’ descriptions are just inspiration for your original content. Before you write your product description, however, find out what the relevant keywords are for your product. Google Adwords’s Keyword Planner is a good place to start. You can also check out alternatives such as Keyword Eye suggested by Social Media Today.

Pick a few relevant keywords to include in your product descriptions. Each original, keyword rich product description you write helps improve your place in the search engine rankings.

7) Play On Your Customer’s Senses

Let your customers feel your product. Use words that appeal to any of the five senses. Appeal to auditory senses by using onomatopoeias, or words that imitate the sound it makes. For example: clocks tick, cell phones buzz, jewelry jangles and steaks sizzle. Each item you read made a sound you can hear.

Words likes velvety, silky, and smooth let customers know what your products feel like. These kind of descriptions allow customers to literally feel the product through their screen.

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