FNAC Salesmen Back-Office UI

User self-convincing syndrom

Earlier this month, I went to FNAC, a French mix between American Best Buy & British WHSmith. I was asked by someone to get a quotation for GoPro cameras and attachments just to “be sure it’s not cheaper than on gopro.com” … Yeah, I know. Whatever, the point is that I just needed a quotation.

After explaining my need to the salesman, he got behind his terminal and started using his console. In 10 minutes he got me a quotation.

It took me about 3 minutes to fill my cart in on gopro.com and get the first quotation (printing included).

The guy was looking for reference numbers, typing them in, scrambling in the system, opening some paper catalogs…

Therefore I started to (nicely) ask questions : “Hey, is this interface handy ?It really doesn’t look so.” — “For how long has this ‘thing’ been existing ?” — …

The salesman told me that it was a really “cool” tool and a very efficient way to find stuff and do his work…

Then I asked him to add an element on the quotation and then to remove another one. After grumbling some words, the conclusion was : “Mmm, pretty sure I can’t do it.”

We shook hands & I went away.

So, I have no idea about the technology used behind all this and why FNAC keep using this kind of tools but I hope they have good reasons. If anyone know, I would love to understand.

FNAC is a big player in France. I would like to imagine how it could be with better Back-Office interfaces and devices. I think it would make sense to have salesmen with tablets and great Back-Office interfaces… I don’t know.

Tell me what you think.