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Why We Created TruTrainer

We live in the digital age. We spend the majority of our time hunched in front of a computer screen, and if you’re reading this, chances are you do too.

The internet opened up an entire world of opportunities to create, learn & discover, but it’s also costing us our health

Some human experiences can’t be replicated by computers. If you search the app store for fitness apps, you’ll find an endless amount of options: 7 minute workouts, virtual personal trainers and diet apps. Many of these are really cool, but they can’t clone the relationship that is created between you and a real personal trainer.

A personal trainer motivates you to keep working out, eat properly and lead a healthy life. They’ll pick you up when you feel like you can’t move a muscle, and help you push through that one final set. Your personal trainer creates a fitness routine tailored for your goals, preferences and capabilities. They get what you like and what you don’t, and why. A computer can’t do those things.

But we have to adapt to this age we’re living in. People lead hectic lives, work strange hours, experience constantly. They can’t be tied to a specific time of the week to get their training, or to a specific gym; They need their trainer to follow them, not the other way around.

1:1 fitness on your iPhone

That’s why we created TruTrainer. We’ll match you with a real personal trainer, who will help you lead a healthy life. You’ll get professional fitness plans at $2/day, in a way that compliments your lifestyle, not disrupts it.

We’ll help you stay healthy. It really isn’t that hard.

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