30 is the new 30

30 is not old. Is it?! It’s funny how we always see ourselves as both mature yet young people. I remember when I was growing up that I always thought that 30 year olds are adults. I was sure that by the time I will be 30, I’ll have the answers to all of life’s questions, that I will know exactly what I want to be and who I am. Yet time flew by and it seems that with each passing year I learn that there are just more and more questions.

Nobody has the answers, which is most probably because they don’t exist. There is no guidebook that tells you what choices to make or which paths to follow (and if there is, please make sure to send it over by the end of today). It’s a mixture of risk and luck that bring us to where we are. Nobody can tell you what to study, who to date or where to work. Nobody knows what’s right for you. We tend to think that we are faced with decisions of good vs. bad but the truth is that this is only apparent in hindsight. You make choices and hope for the best. It sounds oh so cliche, but as I read somewhere, there is a reason that cliches become cliches.

There is something so crazy about growing up. You don’t really notice it on a day to day basis but one day all of a sudden, you look back and realize how much time has passed. As a teacher once told me in high school, you close your eyes and open them and all of a sudden you are 50 years old. Somehow it all happens oh so slowly yet all at once.

As a kid I always used to check at what age superstars got discovered and would tell myself that I have time, that I will soon find the thing that I am exceptional at. And like the Seinfeld joke I was even willing for it to be someone discovering that I have the greatest eye sight ever, prompting a call to the President.

Slowly but surely I passed the milestones, and found out that I’m probably not going to be the next Alan Shearer, Macaulay Culkin or Mark Zuckerberg. I was waiting, but can now safely say that I definitely will not make the top 30 under 30. But I’ve also find out that that is kind of alright, there is still time to be great.

We covet youth in our society, but the truth is, that I wouldn’t go back a single day, each period has it’s own time and I just want to continue and look forward. I am extraordinary privileged to be surrounded by a wife, friends and family that are supportive in ways beyond imagination and who allow me to journey on and discover. I don’t want 30 to be the new 20, or any other age for that matter. I like where I am and I’m incredibly curious about what the future holds. These first 30 have been incredible, here’s to discovering the next 90.

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