Squatty Potty: The Unicorn Campaign

Yoav Tchelet
3 min readMay 17, 2024

In 2015, Squatty Potty launched an ad that quickly went viral and boosted sales. It was quirky, funny, and totally different from anything else. Here’s a look at why it worked so well:

Innovative Product Demonstration, making bathroom talk entertaining

The ad features a prince and a unicorn that poops rainbow-coloured ice cream. Yep, you read that right. It uses this bizarre and hilarious scenario to explain how Squatty Potty can improve your bathroom experience by helping you squat better, which is apparently better for you.

This playful and creative approach made a somewhat awkward topic much more approachable. Instead of feeling grossed out, people laughed and learned simultaneously.

Humour and Virality, creating shareable moments

The combination of humour and the weirdly captivating image of a unicorn pooping ice cream made the video super shareable. People couldn’t help but talk about it and share it on social media, which meant it spread like wildfire.

Squatty Potty created a positive vibe around their brand by making people laugh. It was brilliant because when something makes you laugh, you’re more likely to remember it and tell your friends about it.

Clear Value Proposition, solving a common problem

The ad didn’t rely on humour; it also explained the benefits of using a Squatty Potty, like helping with smoother bowel movements and reducing strain. They kept the message simple and direct, which made it easy for people to understand why they might need one.

By focusing on how the product could improve everyday life, Squatty Potty made a strong case for why you should try it.

Strong Branding, memorable and consistent imagery

The medieval theme with the prince and the unicorn gave Squatty Potty a unique and memorable look. It was so different from anything else out there, which helped it stand out.

The quirky visuals and the fun story made the ad stick in people’s minds, which is exactly what you want in advertising. It helped build a distinct identity for Squatty Potty that people could easily recognize.

Results and Impact, driving sales and getting noticed

The campaign was a huge hit. It led to a big jump in sales and got much media attention. The video got millions of views on YouTube and was talked about everywhere, giving Squatty Potty even more visibility.

It showed that even products dealing with less-than-glamorous issues could be marketed in a fun and engaging way.

Takeaway Lessons, embrace creativity and humour

The Squatty Potty campaign is an excellent example of how creativity and humour can significantly impact even for smaller brands. By thinking outside the box and creating entertaining and shareable content, you can reach a broad audience without a huge budget.

The critical lessons for startups and small businesses are to use humour to make your message more relatable, keep your value proposition clear, and create a unique brand identity that stands out in the market.



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