Z-classic tesnet is up. Launch in a few days?

Yesterday I wrote a post about how Zcash was getting it’s first fork. Today is the day that it’s actually live for testing:

For those of you that don’t know: The Zcash-founders used quite some tactics to hide their 20% “founders reward” from the public. I exposed the tricks they used in several topics. Everybody is free to create a project and take 5%, 10% or even 20% of all coins mined in the first 4 years. But those details should be open an visible to everyone. That way everyone is informed when the trading of a new cryptocoin starts.

Forked Miner
Rhett Creighton launched a forked miner for the real Zcash network. It removes the 20% “Genius Tax”.

Make sure to use the forked miner if you still want to mine the real Zcash-network. Leave me a reply if you know any mining-pool that offers Zcash-mining. We could jump on board with a lot of people and remove the damn “tax” on the real Zcash-network.

This is a great initiative as it is the first major fork of Zcash. Ethereum Classic shows that forks do have a future. Especially when the “real project” is hijacked by hypers and greedy devs. Make sure to give Zclassic a go using this link:

Z-Classic on GitHub

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Together we keep crypto cool and exciting by moving away from greed, hypes and failing founders. long live the internet.

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To everyone who wanted Zcash without 20% “Genius Tax”, here it is: Zclassic

We should get this thing going.

UPDATE: There’s a topic on Bitcointalk which seems to be from Rhett Creighton ( EverettForth). He says: “I’d like to do the real launch as soon as possible (within days)”. I don’t think this is a smart thing to do. Maybe take an extra week (or two) to let everybody know about your fork. We don’t want the first coins to be in the hands of only a few miners.

Please join the discussion on Bitcointalk using this link:

LINK: [Pre Ann] Zcash Fork With No 20% Tax