Never Forget…

You Better Get Your Girl

The Sister with the sign is LIFE

Math has never been my strongest subject. Stats, principles of equations, the order of operations and other complex formulas tend to boggle my mind and leave me in a state of confusion. HowEVA, let me tell you what I do understand…white ladies, y’all need to get your girls. Half of your squad is tripping, has tripped, and will probably continue to trip!

Did you hear me white women?!? 53% aka HALF aka ONE out of TWO of you has crossed the line in a major way and y’all need to pull it together.

I know that many of you are proud of yourselves for flocking to rallies and marches in cities across the country to demonstrate your outrage. You probably felt a rush as you chanted while carrying your homemade signs made with multicolored sharpies, wearing your extremely confusing pink hat, and your clothes weighed down by safety pins. I bet you never felt more alive as you took a glimpse out into the sea of women and sang “we’re not going to take it” with your new girlfriends that you met from Minnesota. I bet you even high-fived and took selfies, that were quickly uploaded to IG and FB, with the police officers that were wearing the same confusing pink hats that you were. #BESTDAYEVER

Did I mention that I still don’t UNDERSTAND those hats?!?

So…what’s next?

My hope is that after you hang up your nasty woman sash, pink Louise Belcher hat, and throw away your signs that you will start to do the heavy lifting. You all have some family business that needs to be dealt with and dealt with quickly. Some of you were shocked and surprised by the betrayal of your ilk but we (*whispers* “we” meaning Black women) weren’t. I’ll save that post for another day. In the words of my elders, your slip is showing and it ain’t cute. Please understand that addressing this is work that has to be done. It isn’t pretty and it won’t be as fun and glamorous as the marches but it is so necessary. We have been telling y’all that you have a problem but you didn’t listen. Maybe this is the wake up call that you all needed. My hope is that you will learn from this experience and take some sort of action. The real work happens outside of the march and it’s time to get busy.

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