Life, it just doesn’t take a break. From birth, we are serving a life sentence on death row. If you have figure out a way to get out of life alive, don’t tell me, especially if it is*shudders* eternal.

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Brothers, this is a digital oil taken from the only picture I have of my once stepbrother. Tony Bromback. Made with #AdobeFresco #adobecreativecloud Adobe Spark, Adobe Portfolio,

First things first, where are all the writers? All of you dreamers who have always wanted to draft the great American novel, y’all awake?

Ok, the ESC Hatch? What is it?

Simply put, it is how I engage with the world, and how I have chosen to continue my Marine service. Starting out as “Art Night” in my Richmond, CA apt every other Thursday evening from 7 pm to 9 pm. It was an open invite to friends to address the nine hundred dollars (yes, your heard right, $900.00) that I had purchased after my divorce, and my ex-wife had departed with our youngest her soon to be wife (yes, your heard right, Burning Man changes lives, and it isn’t an ironic saying, yes, it is cliche, cliché only means that it is true, my life IS a cliche. …

First round of submissions must be in by August 30 if you're interested in becoming an editor. Sept 3rd for Content Managers, and Sept 5th for Content Creators. We are looking for collaborative partners who can stake their stand on Truth.

All submissions must cover what an irrefutable, human collective Truth is/are.

The word count range is 500 to 5000. Additional talents such as artistic ability, digital illustration, voice over, book narration, podcasting, theater, improv, and stand up are a plus.

There is limited space currently. We value content, engagement, and authenticity over past or present success or experience. Only send your submission to:

If you have any questions before you hit “submit’, do not hesitate to reach out to me at Put ESC Question in the Subject line.

We are EXCITED to hear from you!


Adrian ‘Yobi’ Blumberg

Pilgrim | Trail Finder | Listener

An Appeal from The Collective to Itself

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Jose Murrilo on Unplash

WE are Earth,

And Our Garden,

Does not seem well.

Eden cries out,

That it is not hidden,

Nor lost.

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Marco Molitor on Unsplash

Eden wants to be seen,

Under Our feet,

Felt in Our blackening lungs,

In the unnatural grit,

In Our teeth when We drink,

And in other deep places,

Of which We do not speak.

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MEAX on Unsplash

Whether YOU see, or sense is irrelevant,

Once OUR Collective Self,

First knew, Its own mortality,

Our absolute lack of ability,

To save, or ever after answer why,

Would our Creator make,

Such beauty, only to annihilate,

Our Earth, Our Garden, Our Blue sky?

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David Sutton on Unsplash

In fathomless…


A. 'Yobi' Blumberg, YobiWorks Studios

Birth is a life sentence on death row, yet we are all connected. I am a Pilgrim, Trail Finder, Listener, Once Broken, Son of The Man, Prodigal Son, & Last Found

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