Cross Pollination Is A Dish, Best When Served

If you appreciate Question and Answer interactions al la The Socratic Method, then have I got the interactive space for you (Hence, the title)

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*Took this photo last week at Marina Park. Stunning colors, and view! A bit chilly for this West Texas boy, but ALWAYS better to me the endless flat vistas with little above pure survival to offer other than the expansive bowl of sky overhead.

As you may know, we at Perfecting Potent Proofs , a new Space on, and a new publication on Medium — Get smarter about what matters to you. are in the market for additional contributors, as well as an admin. As of now, this is a benevolent dictatorship, meaning I want to ensure that those who are asked to become contributors, are people whose work I have read, that in it, I found something noteworthy in their style, genuine engagement, and willingness to take risks and question their assumptions.

Let me be clear up front, then unpack the process, define some useful terms I deploy to create a guide exploration, questions, presentation of answers, discussions, and submissions of hypotheses for vetting as potential potent proofs.

WHY should I have interest at all?

Because this is about YOU!

“How so?”

Because without solid ground to build upon, all mental, emotional, and spiritual constructs will fail, leaving YOU without the basic mental, emotional, and spiritual shelter, nourishment, protection, and room to empower your ability to Love yourself. I am built to find the trails that are best to walk on for me and I always consider how to best communicate what I learn, so that others may find their way.

In this, I am “Your Pilgrim on Point”.

To be able to explore what is best, I first must be able to “See”. Once I know how to See, I am built to share the empowerment of the lesson, so that YOU may also see yourself, then Explore on your own with knowledge.

You will need understanding that is simple and clear, so that YOU may default back to the truth for easy reference, assured that YOU will choose and build for yourself on the solid Rock of Truth. I will have to go beyond where I am able to share eventually. I will pass through my own door. Before I do, for me to know I have done my best, I must provide a template for others that will always get them to something solid they can stand on. To know I shared what I found, and that it could be depended upon, that is how I do my best. This is a base process construct to provide a simple operational process that will help guide and shelter you until you must stand before “Death’s Door” yourself. That you may know, without being able to know for certain what is beyond that final door, your own final experience, that in all things you worked to see, and share what you saw clearly to those around you. That YOU did your best based on the available information and the context you were in.

Why? Because no matter what IS beyond death, if you can know at your death that you genuinely did your best, then that is good enough. Who could ask for more than your best? What is beyond death is irrelevant to now. If consideration of it, or what someone else thinks about it, can keep you from being able to see the context of the now that you are in, and prevent your honest engagements with those who are around you, then what they have to say, or what they think about you or your actions, or what they threaten you with if you do not listen, believe, or obey them, you can KNOW that they do not know Love, They do not yet See. Then you can remain free and choose your actions accordingly.

Purpose of PPP: to explore, search for, and find Potent Proofs of “Truth” that are as perfect of a concept as is possible for humans to construct through the application of 3 Question Pillars:


I can only ever be me. No one has The Answer, and your perspective is unique, and perfectly you, and you are the only one who will ever see what you see, or experience what you experience. You are valid, and do not have to prove yourself. Simply be, and the proof of where you are at will shine through your actions, your engagements, and finally, your life. You define what that is, not others. If what you do does not force or harm others, then none should stop you, no matter how much they dislike it.

The purpose of Perfecting Potent Proofs, is for me to see you, share, learn, and accept myself, you, and everything much more than yesterday, and be the best me I can be.

New video by A. “Yobi” B.


Adrian ‘Yobi” Paschal Blumberg, 47

YobiWorks Studios, DBA

San Leandro, CA

5th Generation Odessan, from West Texas.

Father of 4 sons, Anthony Vandenberg, 32, Raistlin Blumberg,24, Aidan Blumberg, 15, and Judah Blumberg, 13.

Marine Veteran, disabled, but not out.

B.A. in History, Minors in Anthropology, and Sociology

22+ years in Operations and Logistics, the last position was Chemical and Lubricant Distribution to the oil and gas fields.

Attended Burning Man 2010 to 2016.

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