Do I Exist If I’m Not Thinking About Myself?

Whoever asked this question, you are our hero for the moment, and a small part of me might actually be in love with the part of you that got your fingers moving!

2 min readApr 8, 2022

Try as we might, no matter how earnestly we endeavor to not think, we inevitably end up thinking about not thinking!

Sabrina and Yobi capturedd one of our recent attempts at “un-being”.

It reminds me of the flight lessons of my youth, where my 1st lesson was to understand that the art of flying REALLY resides in one’s ability to throw themselves at the ground, and miss.

I was an abject failure.

More extra strength garbage bags, even if they are attached to shoulders, all the ‘kid logical’ body parts, or gripped in believing fingers, never equated to any slower decent from the roof of my home, than the previous attempts.

My partner entertained no such ‘illogical’ fantasies in her youth, but I can carry her away in my overabundant enthusiasm from time to time. It was with this aforementioned enthusiasm by which we strove to go from:

  • “I think, therefore I am,” to,
  • “I do not think, and therefore I am not”




I Am, We Are, The Question has been ‘Is there an US’? “ Graditude is accepting where I am at. It is Trust that Truth IS!