Power? Profound?

I can hardly move the needle for readers to live in the NOW.



Temple of Promise Build Crew Reveling in Soft Power


All over Medium, such articles abound.

The funny thing is, 'enlightenment',

Is simply acceptance of self,

Then seeing the world clearly,

What is in front, behind, and around you,

The answer to the question is so simple,

That to perceive it, one must acknowledge it,

Take that hand on the face, blocking the view,

Finally down.

Is it profound to be in the moment?

It certainly is empty, this wide and sparsely populated ground.

Honestly, I felt guilty for a moment,

When under my feet, it could always be found.

Forty-one years I searched for the thing called 'ground',

Yet when I share the path to now, the 'Leading Indicator',

That it was my mind, and by extension, the Collective's,

Whose need for 'better solutions' has kept me from 'looking down'.

'Wait, where is everyone?,' I asked looking around.

There are a TON of folks over there in 'Complication Town."

"Join me,' I say, 'Look, it is not far at all.

The 'box' you imagine you are in, is in fact, round'.'

Exert our 'power' is what you propound,

Yet doing so negates the indomination of the Love,

I have recently 're-found'. Exerting 'power',

Seeks to manipulate, through power shown,

To encapsulate, ‘The Fear' that daily, most expound.

Be The Dark that draws others from THAT FEAR,

Searching to skip SHARED life, either by grace, prophet, law,

Negating Love has found, and in so doing,

Be the perspective we truly want, IN THE NOW.




I Am, We Are, The Question has been ‘Is there an US’? “ Graditude is accepting where I am at. It is Trust that Truth IS! https://www.linktr.ee/yobiworks