Blog Project 2

Format: Photograph

Audience: My Family

Purpose: To show everyone has at last one good pic with their mom!!!

Effectiveness: This is the night of every high school senior dream, to go to prom!!! This photo does achieve its purpose, in showing that me and my mom are very excited at that time. It shows me and my mom taking many pictures before I head off to prom. This picture is one of my many favorites of me and my mom. She was so excited that I was graduating on time, and going to my senior prom.

Blog Project 3

Format: Gif

Audience: Friends and Family

Purpose: To show comedy

Effectiveness: This achieves its purpose in so many ways. It shows there are different ways comedy is shown. Usually you would see humans being funny, but its comical because the cats face and expression will make anyone laugh. The way the cat turns around is hilarious.

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