Announcing the public launch of the Yobs Video Interview Simulator!

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3 min readJul 2, 2020
Try the Yobs video interview simulator for free here.

We are excited to announce the public release of the Yobs Video Interview Simulator! The Simulator is a 100% free resource for job-seekers to practice video interviewing for a fictional job and receive a fully personalized report on their personality traits, soft skills, communication and overall interview performance. All job seekers are welcomed to try the simulator, re-watch their video responses, read their report, and optionally get matched with relevant jobs and skill-building programs in our network where they can develop and apply their skills!

Our Why

In light of COVID, Yobs, an automated talent assessment API for video interviews used by Fortune 500 employers and leading universities, is releasing a free video interview simulator powered by its talent assessment technology. With the emergence of video interviews in the hiring process, many job seekers are anxious about their lack of experience with video interviewing and its impact on the perception of employers. As a result, Yobs is ‘open-sourcing’ its technology to let job-seekers get comfortable with the ‘new normal’ of video interviewing and receive personalized feedback automatically in the form of a PDF report based on their video interview (see attached.)

Yobs is partnering up with several exciting launch partners on this initiative to reach job seekers who need it most. These hand-picked launch partners include K12 and university career services, skill-building platforms, job-searching tools, and personal ‘career concierge’ services all catered to helping job-seekers find their next adventure.

How does the Yobs Video Interview Simulator work?

  1. When taking the online interview simulator, job seekers are presented with frequently asked job interview questions which they answer with a series of video recordings.
Yobs co-founder Raphael Danilo answering a video interview question.

2. The human-centric Yobs technology, typically used by employers to more objectively inform their hiring decisions, then automatically analyzes the interview based on the same criteria as an employer would. The analysis is supervised by trained assessment experts to ensure 99.9% quality of the final reports. Note: To clarify, your interview and report will not be shared with anyone else.

The proven methodology used by Yobs to create fair, predictive reports at scale.
First page of the personalized Yobs interview report

3. Finally, Yobs sends a PDF report to the job seeker by email. The report contains useful information on the job-seeker’s interview performance, communication skills, personality and work style. The interview experience is 100% automated and can be done anytime, anywhere for free.

Again, you are the sole owner of your data so it will not be shared with anyone else, including employers, unless you specifically opt-in for the partner-matching feature.

Great! What’s next?

That’s it! If you’re looking to improve your soft skills, interviewing skills, or you’re simply curious about how the tool works, go ahead and try the simulator here. For press and partnership inquiries, feel free to contact us at :)


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