Are you a white person about to comment on police violence? Read this first
Bridget Todd

First of all, I am sorry for your community’s pain, and I think that anyone who adds to that is a total jerk.

That said, I absolutely support free speech. People should have the right to show their ignorant, racists (or homophobic, or anti-Semitic) asses any time they want, and should not be silenced preemptively. I abhor censorship of any kind, whether outright, or by implied intimidation.

Let people air their stupidity, right up front where you can see it. It makes it harder for them to stab you in the back if you can see them coming at you.

Of course, these people are going to earn themselves a heaping helping of side eye and backlash, and that is as it should be. This is part of the democratic process, and a sacred part of what makes America a great country.