25 Thoughts I Had After Spending 25 Dollars on Lip Gloss
Ellie Guzman

I have a confession to make. Many, many years ago, when I totally could NOT afford it, I bought a $55.00 tube of Chanel lipstick. It was the most gorgeous shade of “Taylor Swift” red. Unfortunately, it turned an odd color on me, I couldn’t pull it off, and it feathered all around my mouth, making me look like I’d been kissing an oil slick.

I felt so guilty for buying that lipstick, that I kept it in my makeup drawer until the oils in it turned rancid. Even then, I debated with myself if there was some way that I could repurpose that fabulous designer tube, just so that I could show people that “I can afford fancy things.”

I finally threw the damn thing away, and learned my lesson. Stick with what works. Drug store makeup, for the WIN.

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